UHV Technologies, Inc. is a high-technology company dedicated to the development and commercialization of advanced materials and devices through a three prong strategy as listed below.

1. Development of advanced materials and devices with government and commercial funding.

2. Feasibility demonstration of advanced materials and devices using internal coating and prototyping services.

3. Commercialization and mass production of advanced materials and devices
by design and construction of manufacturing equipment.

 UHV Technologies, Inc. specializes in:

Vacuum Coatings and Systems
NanoCrystaline Thin Film Coating and Services
Carbon Nanotube and Diamond Coatings
Optical, Electronic and Semiconductor Materials
Fiber Optical Coatings
Electronic Device Design and Prototyping
Nano-Materials Based Devices
Nano-Biotechnology Devices
Field Emission Devices 
Thin Film Coating Equipment Manufacturing
CNT Manufacturing Systems
Sputtering, Evaporation, CVD and Laser Ablation Systems
Process Control Instrumentation

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